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Gin @ Kanonkop House

From barrel-aged to fruit-infused we have a gin for everybody.

Gin is a natural tasting spirit made from grain, re-distilled with botanicals, and carries a noticeable juniper flavour. The distinctive aroma and flavour of juniper is what differentiates it from other spirits such as vodka. Gin carries a neutral taste which gives every distillery a blank canvas to work on. We have stocked unique hand-crafted South African Gins – each with its own unique flavour – citrus, fynbos, rooibos, liquorice or floral notes – for your enjoyment. The perfect gin should be served one-part gin to two-parts tonic. Choose the flavour that suits you and enjoy.

An aromatic gin with exotic notes reflecting the spice route of Africa.
Musgrave gin has 11 botanicals to signify the flavours and history of Africa and its ancient spice route. This is no ordinary gin – its top notes are aromatic cardamom, African Ginger and Grains of Paradise which are reminiscent of the perfumes of the spice market.

The symbol of love and beauty
Musgrave pink gin has all of the spice of Musgrave 11 but is toned down to a gentler and less spicy flavour. It is infused with rosewater and has the floral taste of rosehip. It celebrates the flower of love and beauty and is adored for its timeless perfume and romance.

“Spirit of creativity”
Black mountain gin honours the land from which it sources the unique botanicals which gives it its classic dry style and smooth finish. It celebrates subtle aromas of liquorice, citrus, rose petals and fynbos. It is triple distilled and forged by wood fire in a traditional Cape Potstill. The Karoo is acknowledged as the birth place of the botanicals used to create this noble product. It is a semi-desert region known for its relentless heat and frosts.

Citrus at its best!
The famous sweet sun-ripened mandarin fruit flavours the classic Cape dry style gin. With nine botanicals and subtle hints of citrus this gin is distilled in the heart of Cape Town. Mandarin and orange peel, cinnamon, honey, ground almond, juniper berries, coriander, angelica and orris root make this a gin to remember.

Passionately crafted – one batch at a time
Six Dogs Karoo Gin is a delicate gin of twelve botanicals. Pick up the hints of Thorn flower and Wild lavender and subtle hints of juniper. Followed by hints of mandarin, lemon buchu and limes. The delicate flower of the Acacia thorn adds top notes of soft sweetness.

A touch of magic.
Six dogs blue derives its name from the Blue Pea Flower which is an antioxidant and aphrodisiac in traditional medicine. The infusion of the Blue Pea Flower gives this gin its striking indigo colour. This unusual botanical is further revealed when the Gin is mixed with a good tonic, changing the colour to light pink. This Gin is not for the timid – it is a party gin to celebrate the sinner in you.

The flavours of the world, blended with the soul of Africa


Juniper Berry Craft Gin:

This is a perfectly balanced craft gin made from 100% Juniper berries. It expresses the unique flavour of hand-selected whole juniper berries which boast a broad array of aromas. Fresh essential fragrances of menthol, eucalyptus, pine, cloves and lime are gentle mixed with whiffs of white pepper.

Citrus infusion
Love at first sip
This is a firm favourite. Sun-ripened oranges from the Eastern Cape and organic lemons are used to infuse the flavour in this full-bodied gin. Think crisp citrus aromas with a smooth, silky finish.

African botanicals
Uniquely local
This is a truly African Gin – infused with the blend of seven botanicals from the flora of the Western Cape. Liquorice, almonds, rooibos, juniper berries, coriander, buchu and galangal roots. Subtle aromas to tantalize the taste buds under an African sunset.

The heart of Africa distilled
Hand crafted in a one-hundred-year old copper still, this is an African inspired floral flavoured gin. It is a smooth gin with a juniper citrus nose then a pungent kick of wild flowers and notes a sweet pepper spice. The palate is wild honey with a hint of cardamom, coriander and sweet citrus.



The ultimate G&T
Any craft gin of your choice topped up with tonic and a dash of lemon.

Pink delight
Any craft gin of your choice topped with rose and cucumber pink tonic.

Pink Musgrave Gin with strawberries and pepper corns
A tot of Pink Musgrave Gin, topped up with Rose and cucumber infused tonic with a sprinkling of pepper corns and fresh strawberries.

Celemengold rosemary G&T
A tot of Clemengold craft gin with a dash of orange, wheel of lime and a sprig of rosemary.

Spicy G&T
A tot of Six dogs Karoo Gin with a dash of tonic, tabasco sauce and a chili served over ice.

Cucumber and basil G&T
A tot of Triple Three Juniper berry Craft Gin splashed over cucumber slices and basil leaves. A twist of lime, topped with tonic.

An African sunset
A tot of Triple Three African Botanicals topped with tonic and garnished with a stick of cinnamon.

Hibiscus, cucumber and grapefruit
A tot of Whitley Neill protea and hibiscus gin served with a slice of cucumber, a slither of grapefruit topped with tonic.

Sun kissed G&T
A tot of Triple Three citrus infused Craft Gin, tonic, gloves and a slither of orange.

Bewitching G&T
A tot of Six Dog Blue, a dash of tonic on the side and a sprig of mint – watch the magic happen!

A twist of ginger
A tot of Musgrave 11 Craft Gin topped with spicy ginger beer garnished with a sprig of mint and a twist of lemon.

Spicy Red Snapper – a Bloody Mary with a twist
A tot of Black Mountain Karoo Gin topped with tomato juice, a sprinkle of lemon juice, a drop of Worcestershire sauce. Season with tabasco, salt and pepper and garnish with a stick of celery.